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Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Internet?

Which Country Has the World's Fastest Internet : ehack

Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Internet : ehack

Where does the U.S. rank on the list of the top 10 countries or regions with the fastest broadband connections? Nowhere. got an early look at the quarterly Internet report that Akamai Technologies will publish later today. The rankings, which cover July through September of last year, are based on average peak connection speeds.

The U.S. landed at No. 14, partly because of its large landmass, which is difficult to fully cover with high-speed fiber. Click through the list to see which region snagged the No. 1 spot.

10. Singapore

singapore : ehack

singapore : ehack

With an average of 30.7 megabits per second, Singapore cracked the top 10 with a peak speed that is nearly double the global average of 15.9 megabits per second.

Thanks in part to its fast broadband, Singapore “is a tech hub,” said David Belson, who edited the report. The country is also home to well-known techie Eduardo Saverin, who moved there and renounced his U.S. citizenship before last year’s initial public offering of Facebook, which he co-founded.

9. Israel

israel : ehack

israel : ehack

Web startup culture and fast Internet go hand in hand, said Belson, the Akamai editor. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Israel made the list. The country’s average peak speed was 30.9 megabits per second.

“There’s good connectivity,” he said. “And there are smart, very technical people.”

A recent study conducted by researcher Startup Genome found Tel Aviv to be the best place for startups behind Silicon Valley.


bulgaria : ehack

bulgaria : ehack

With its low taxes and cheap labor, Bulgaria is marketing itself as an attractive destination for global companies and investors. Another selling point? Its Internet speed. Bulgarian broadband reached an average of 32.1 megabits per second, an increase of 15 percent compared with the previous quarter.

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There’s a Math Formula That Tells Us How Long Everything Will Live

NPR’s Robert Krulwich has a whimsical piece on the one formula that rules it all, from unicellular organisms to whales and sequoias and humans. A math formula that governs our life and tells us when to die.

Even more interesting: the same system scales to other things too, like societies and economies. And it’s all bound by one seemingly magic number.

live and die : ehack

live and die : ehack

Physicist Geoffrey West describes it a very must-watch with Edge:

[…] if you plotted, for example the metabolic rate on the Y axis and size on the X axis, because of the extraordinary diversity and complexity of the system and the historical contingency, you would expect points all over the map representing, of course, history and geography and so on.

Well, you find quite the contrary. You find a very simple curve, and that curve has a very simple mathematical formula. It comes out to be a very simple power law. In fact, the power law not only is simple in itself mathematically, but here it has an exponent that is extraordinarily simple. The exponent was very close to the number three quarters.

First of all, that was amazing in itself, that you see scaling. But more importantly was that the scaling is manifested across all of life into eco-systems and down within cells. So this scaling law is truly remarkable. It goes from intracellular up to ecosystems almost 30 orders of magnitude. They’re the same phenomenon.

Furthermore, if you look at any physiological variable, such as the rate at which oxygen diffuses across lungs, the length of the aorta, anything to do with the physiology of any organism, or if you look at any life history event like how long you live, how long does the organism live, how long does it take to mature, what is its growth rate, etc., and you ask how does it scale? It scales in very similar way.

That is, it scales as a simple power law. The extraordinary thing about it is that the power law has an exponent, which is always a simple multiple of one quarter. What you determine just from the data is that there’s this extraordinary simple number, four, which seems to dominate all biology and across all taxonomic groups from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

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10 Unimaginable Facts on How The Internet Really Works

internet : ehack

internet : ehack

Bangalore: Internet has grown into another world where everything is as easy as clicking few buttons or just gliding tip of your finger on smooth screens- be it calls, messages, social connections, information, movies, music, millions of apps, or shopping. From down to dusk you use it and thank your good fortunes that it is available, but do you really know the internet at the end of the day? How big the Internet is? Who’s building the biggest data center and what people use the mobile Internet for? Read on to know the 10 such facts about how internet actually works as compiled by Business Insider.

10. Internet is growing at unimaginable rate every year

Internet is growing at unimaginable rate every year : ehack

Internet is growing at unimaginable rate every year : ehack

As per some experts internet is growing by an exabyte of data every day. An exabyte is equal to 1 048 576 terabytes. After exabyte comes the zettabyte which equals 1000 exabytes; and in 2011 no single data center could hold a zettabyte of information. As Cisco predicts, by 2016 the data centers will be sending 1.3 zettabytes over internet every year. That’s the equivalent of sending all movies ever made across the Internet every 3 minutes.

9. U.S spies to build the world’s biggest data center

NSA ( USA)  biggest data center in Utah : ehack

NSA ( USA) biggest data center in Utah : ehack

The National Security Agency (NSA) is a cryptologic intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence, as well as protecting U.S. government communications and information systems, which involves information security and cryptanalysis/cryptography. NSA is said to be building a $2 billion data center in Utah that will be the world’s first to store a store a yottabyte of data, reports Wired. A yottabyte equals 1000 zettabytes.

8. Apple says its data center is greenest of them all

apple north carolina : ehack

apple north carolina : ehack

To power Apple’s data center, the iCloud, the Cupertino tech giant has been building its on power station at Maiden, North Carolina. It was also an answer by Apple to Greenpeace who accused the company of being a big polluter.
Apple said that they are building their own facilities that will provide over 60 percent of the clean power the company needs. The company also added that they are building what will be the nation’s largest private solar arrays and the largest non-utility fuel cell installation operating anywhere in the country.

7. A good chunk of the Internet is all about Facebook

Facebook relationships : ehack

Facebook relationships : ehack

Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world in September hit a billion users mark that means it is a good chunk of the Internet.

Facebook accounted for 1 out of every 5 pageviews on the Internet worldwide, as of early 2012, according to researchers at Hitwise. The site stores 220 billion photos, and since launching features to support music apps like Spotify in September 2011, 62.6 million songs have been played 22 billion times—that’s about 210,000 years of music.

6. People use the mobile Internet to stay healthy

Accessing net on the Smartphone is hugely popular in recent times. These smart devices have became ubiquitous hence internet is made available 24 by 7. Besides obvious tasks like phone calls, texts, and Web surfing, one of the most popular things to do with a phone is to track one’s health. According to Pew Research Center, provides information on issues, attitudes and trends shaping the United States and the world, about 52 percent of Smartphone owners gather health information on their phones and almost 20 percent use their phones for health apps, particularly diet and fitness apps.

5. People use the mobile Internet to bank and buy stuff

Mobile banking : ehack

Mobile banking : ehack

Other than health tracking the internet is used by 33 percent of Americans on theirSmartphones for mobile banking and 27 percent uses it to shop. Some 25 percent make online payments. And 7 percent purchased goods from an auction site, according to research by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and antivirus vendor McAfee.

4. Half of Americans watch TV over the Internet

internet tv : ehack

internet tv : ehack

With networks offering 3G and 4G data speeds and Smartphones being robust with technology, over half of Americans have watched TV streamed from the Internet. This has already become a favorite way to watch for people under the age of 35 versus live TV, finds research Harris Interactive.

3. Internet can save you over $8,000 a year

Having access to a high-speed broadband Internet account can save a family about $8,400 a year, says the Internet Innovation Alliance. With so much of the online shopping happening, people can save this money by using the Internet for daily deals and to comparison shop. They also save the most money on entertainment and dining out but they also save on travel and everyday necessities like food and clothes. The Cyber Monday gig in U.S. can be a best example for saving money upon shopping online.

2. But “high-speed” is a relative term

high speed internet : ehack

high speed internet : ehack

The average worldwide download speed is 580 kilobits per second; Pando Networks found when looking at 27 million downloads by 20 million computers in 224 countries in a study conducted last year. When it comes to U.S., it’s slightly faster than that, with an average speed of 616 kilobits per second, or Kbps. South Korea has the fastest Internet, with an average speed of 2,202 Kbps and the eastern European nations of Romania (1,909 Kbps) and Bulgaria (1,611 Kbps) landed in second and third place.

1. Too much Internet is bad for you

Sure internet is the zing thing and beingonline may makes you feel connected. But according to the researchers at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg people who spend a lot of time online tend to be stressed out and depressed and that time spent on the computer and mobile Internet made people feel like they could never relax and disconnect.




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Apple Building Secret Massive Data Center, Probably to Hold Steve’s Electronically Cloned Brain

Apple is planning about 500,000 square feet of data center space in a single building. That would place it among the largest data centers in the world.

Apple's data center : ehack

Apple’s data center : ehack

Apple is building a new data center facility in North Carolina. Nobody knows what is it for, but according to Data Center Knowledge editor Rich Miller, it will be one of the largest in the world.

Let’s put things in perpective: Apple’s current data center in Newark is a little over 100,000 square feet, while most data centers around the world don’t pass the 200,000 square feet mark. The new one, located near one of Google’s large facilities in Maiden, NC, will be a colossal 500,000 square feet. That’s a lot of computing nodes, and massive storage space.

The big question here is: Why? Is this designed to accomodate the iPhone family growth? Or is there a secret product and service plan that will require this gargantuan power and storage? New expanded content for new devices? Books? It can’t be only that.

Your guess are as good as Miller, myself, or anyone else’s, like with everything about Apple. Tell us your ideas in the comments.

Here is mine: According to the note I got in this bag of Cheetos, Apple is building a massive neural network to hold a duplicate of Steve Jobs’ brain, so he can run the company for ever and ever. Just don’t tell it to Jim Goldman. [Cult of Mac]

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