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How big are porn sites ?

Can you imagine, how much data is consumed by porn sites? How big they are?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a fast internet connection must be in want of some porn.

Data Center : ehack

Data Center : ehack

While it’s difficult domain to penetrate — hard numbers are few and far between — we know for a fact that porn sites are some of the most trafficked parts of the internet. According to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner, which tracks users across the web with a cookie, dozens of adult destinations populate the top 500 websites. Xvideos, the largest porn site on the web with 4.4 billion page views per month, is three times the size of CNN or ESPN, and twice the size of Reddit. LiveJasmin isn’t much smaller. YouPorn, Tube8, and Pornhub — they’re all vast, vast sites that dwarf almost everything except the Googles and Facebooks of the internet.

While page views are a fine starting point, they only tell you that X porn site is more popular than Y non-porn site. Four billion page views sure sounds like a lot, but it’s only when you factor in what those porn surfers are actually doing that the size and scale of adult websites truly comes into focus.

We’ll start by laying the ground work, and then on the second page we have some real world figures from YouPorn, the second largest porn site on the web. If you like, take a moment to try and estimate the amount of traffic that YouPorn handles every second. Let us know in the comments if your guess is anywhere near.


Xvideos ad planner : ehack

Xvideos ad planner : ehack

The main difference between porn and non-porn sites is the average duration of a visit: For a news site like Engadget or ExtremeTech, an average visit is usually between three and six minutes; enough time to read one or two stories. The average time spent on a porn site, however, is between 15 and 20 minutes.

Then you need to factor in that most websites are predominantly text and images, while the largest porn sites push streaming video. When you load the ExtremeTech home page, you’re talking about a couple of megabytes, and then maybe 500 kilobytes if you load an article. When you stream porn, assuming a low resolution of 480×200, you’re looking at around 100 kilobytes per second — which, over 15 minutes, is around 90 megabytes.

Then you need to multiply 90 megabytes by the number of monthly visits — which is around 350 million for Xvideos. This comes to around 29 petabytes of data transferred every month, or 50 gigabytes per second. To put this into comparison, your home internet connection is probably capable of transferring a couple of megabytes per second, which is about 25,000 times smaller.

In short, porn sites cope with astronomical amounts of data. The only sites that really come close in term of raw bandwidth are YouTube or Hulu, but even then YouPorn is something like six times larger than Hulu.


Serving up videos requires a lot more resources than plain text and images, in terms of storage, CPU cycles, internal I/O, and bandwidth.

While it obviously varies from site to site, most adult sites will probably store in the region of 50 to 200 terabytes of porn. This is quite a lot for a website (only something like Google, Facebook, Blogger, or YouTube would store more data), but in a world where 2TB drives are cheap and plentiful, this isn’t ultimately a very large amount.

CPU cycles and I/O will be a function of the bitrate of the streaming video and the number of page views. First the porn site has to serve up a dynamic, searchable database of thousands of videos, and then, when someone clicks on a video, that file needs to be read from a hard disk and streamed over the internet. If you’ve ever transferred a lot of big files over a local network (i.e. stressed both your hard drive and Ethernet port) you will know how taxing this is.

Actual hardware requirements are almost impossible to derive (they’re not publicized), but in the case of a large porn site we’re probably talking about racks of quad-CPU servers, gigabit switches, and load balancers. Software-wise, most large porn sites will use a very-high-throughput database such as Redis to store and serve videos, and a light-weight HTTP server like Nginx to serve up the web pages.

Finally, bandwidth. Referring back to our Xvideos example (based on an Ad Planner estimate), a large porn site will have to have enough connectivity to serve up 50 gigabytes per second, or 400Gbps. Bear in mind this is an average data rate, too: At peak time, Xvideos might burst to 1,000Gbps (1Tbps) or more. To put this into perspective, there’s only about 15Tbps of connectivity between London and New York.

There are only so many ways of coping with this much traffic: You set up your own data center, rent a few racks in a very large data center, or use a cloud provider like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.



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How to Install windows 7 on macbook pro

Install Windows 7 on Apple Macbook Pro using Bootcamp manager.

to get more details about installing windows 7 on macbook, refer to this link —



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The top most powerful viruses of the year 2012

Bangalore: Cyber attack – The whole new way to bring down enemies and is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Even though software products and websites are getting more secured against virus attacks, malware developers on the other hand are building much sophisticated weapons with high potential that can bypass the firewalls and perform functions you never imagined. The latest one is Flame- the most complex virus ever discovered.

Never think you are out of attackers reach. Everything in your network, essentially your system can go upside down one fine day. Files get deleted, PC slows down and even your system can turn itself into a base station for infecting other networks and systems. The below listed most powerful malwares of 2012 can do much more than that.

1. Flame

Kaspersky Lab’s latest report about the world’s most complex virus- Flame- shook the entire cyber world with its potential. The 20 MB virus is supposed to be product of a Government backed project due to its sophistication.

Name: Worm.Win32.Flame

What It Does: Flame can sniff network traffic and has the ability to take screenshots, record conversations by microphones that are plugged in or embedded to the PC and send this information to the creator. Its complicated attack-toolkits and code is 20 times powerful than the existing viruses and is capable of replicating in a local network and removable media. The virus, which was operational since 2010, has been secretly collecting critical data.

Affected Systems: Flame was essentially targeted at some Middle Eastern countries including Iran and Israel has made its presence in around 1000 systems worldwide. But considering its potential, it can be one of the biggest viruses, the world has ever seen.

2. Trojan

trojan.generic : ehack

trojan.generic : ehack

This is one of the most widely spread trojans in 2012. Among top virus detections of 2012, this virus covered 35.1 percent.

Name: trojan.Win32.Generic

What It Does: This virus basically works like a destructive program.  It gives access to a remote hacker by sing the software vulnerabilities. Once your system is affected, the virus works via a backdoor and carries out multiple tasks. Basically, the Trojan has the capability to make the computer completely useless by modifying system configuration data and other Windows registries.

This virus is more threatening than INF.Autorun, which has infected a lot of devices in recent years and made it to the top detections list.

3. Flashback Trojan

Flashback Trojan : ehack

Flashback Trojan : ehack

Apple Macs, which was considered secure than all its counterparts has faced the biggest attack from Flashback Trojan, a virus, which according to the latest report had infected more than 650,000 Macs worldwide.

What It Does: The virus was designed to disguise itself as an Adobe Flash Player installer, using Flash player logos. It uses a Java vulnerability to install itself. After installing Flashback, the malware originally sought user names and passwords that are stored on Macs.

Affected Systems: Even though Apple released a security update in April, many users still are susceptible. The latest count of infected systems stands at above 650,000.

How To Get Rid Of It ?

4. Scrinject.b

Scrinject.b.gen Virus : ehack

Scrinject.b.gen Virus : ehack

Scrinject.b, a popular malware has recorded a global infection rate of 6.75 percent this year.

What It Does: The virus appears in the HTML web page as tags or scripts which automatically redirect users to the sites containing malicious virus. Once infected, it allows remote access to your computer and occupies precious system resource, trace your Internet habits to steal your personal information. The virus took top spot in Europe’s list replacing the INF.Autorun virus this year.

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YouTube ban may be lifted, hints Pak minister

Summary : Just after a month after video sharing website YouTube was banned in Pakistan for failing to block sacrilegious content, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has hinted that the site could be reopened.

youtube ban may be lifted : ehack

youtube ban may be lifted : ehack

Just after a month after video sharing website YouTube was banned in Pakistanfor failing to block sacrilegious content, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has hinted that the site could be reopened, but only after access to anti-Islamic content has been restricted.

Malik tweeted from his Twitter account that he will raise the issue of reopening YouTube in the upcoming cabinet meetings.

[YouTube] is also wealth of knowledge but hurt the feelings of Muslims.I promise to raise in the cabinet to reopen it minus anti-Islam material,” The Express Tribune quoted Malik, as saying.

According to the paper, Pakistan had blocked YouTube after a short clip from an amatureishly made film insulting Islam rose to world wide prominence.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) acting on orders of the Supreme Court, started blocking links carrying the video. However, innumerable instances of the video being uploaded on YouTube largely nullified PTA’s attempts, the paper said.

After failing obtain an approval from Google to block the clip from being accessed in Pakistan, the government then finally imposed a blanket block on YouTube on September 17, 2012, to restrict access to the video, it added.



Many of you must have watched the science fiction films like The Matrix or Inception. If you have watched them then you already have a basic idea about what is meant by Virtual world. Hackers use that same concept but with a little modification.

Virtualization, in computing, is creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something such as hardware platform, operating system, a storage device or network resources.

Types of Virtualization

  • Hardware :-  Hardware virtualization or platform virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual machine that acts like a real computer with an operating system. Software executed on these virtual machines is separated from the underlying hardware resources. For example, a computer that is running Microsoft Windows may host a virtual machine that looks like a computer with Ubuntu Linux operating system. In hardware virtualization, the term host machine refers to the actual machine on which the virtualization takes…

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